Hi, I am an ordinary chap living in the UK... and I knew NOTHING about this just a few years ago... 





“Discover how an ordinary man living in the UK  can teach you how to tap into Information Publishing
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The selling of  ‘ How To ‘ Information Products  which can be digital products,

 e books, manuals, cds,  videos and now the absolute must have – dvd.

I will show you exactly how you can  bank THOUSANDS OF POUNDS  from amazing 'Automated Income Streams...'

I couldn’t believe it when I first got to know these secrets, but I succeeded because I was never afraid of trying new things in life.

The best part is that I do not even have to drain my energy like other self-employed people who average around 12 to 16 hours per day. It may seem totally ridiculous, but the fact is that I spend just 4-6 hours per week.

The image below shows just one part of my PayPal Income Streams and I have Multiple Income Streams working for me 24/7 even if I am relaxing at home or sunbathing on the beach ..........


I will share all my secrets with you and I will show you exactly how you can start banking fabulous profits from the Internet ... as much money as you want !!

The Internet allows you to automate almost 100% of all processes...


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You do not even have to master the Internet. You need to access a few web pages. It is as easy as that! Don’t worry, I will show you exactly what to do. You need not worry at all because you will have me as your mentor.



I love taking holidays and stayed recently at this fabulous hotel.
It was such a great feeling swimming in the lush blue pool knowing that my bank account was automatically getting credited with my earnings.

Multiple Income Streams is the way to make money… Set up a money making website , ebooks, manuals, dvds …it is so easy. My computer has now become what seems to be a cash dispenser and I know so many ways to set up these lucrative income streams.

How things can change!

Before I started using this concept, I was working full time in an office and was made to do all the boring things in life. My only time out was to attend business meetings, meet customers and generally keep everybody happy.

Not that the company did not keep me happy with various perks such as a good pension scheme and a reasonably generous salary, but the amount of time I gave to the company left me with nothing more than a headache. Would you call that life? Certainly not!

At that time, I was desperate for a way out. I seemed to be going nowhere and it continued like this without the realization that there is plenty more to life than just being a salesman with a reasonably good salary …….

And always I had my boss with me, constantly setting higher targets. Do you get it now? How difficult is it to derive any sort of pleasure or enjoyment from these trips….with your boss. I was so fed up, never realizing that the stress and frustrations were taking account on my mental, emotional and physical health.

It was like living a prisoner’s life, having to ask permission for everything, even for small things such as wanting to finish early.



Eventually , I realized I had taken enough!

I know I was doing quite well professionally, but still I never felt happy or satisfied. One day, when I was returning home from a long day at the office, the impact of my life hit me like a sledgehammer. I finally decided enough was enough! 

I did not have a fantastic bank balance at that time to support me, but I felt so tired and worn-out that I had no problems in deciding I must search for the answer. Even though I had a family to take care of I just had to call it quits.

I had to take action ……

I started to order every moneymaking plan on the market and believe me I tried every scheme that was available, be it publishing, online gaming, online auctions, Internet marketing… you name it and I can show you that I was into it.

Even some of my friends claimed that they were making loads of money on the Internet, but I found that for some reason I was unable to do the same. I wanted someone to take me by the hand and show me exactly what to do but mostly I was just given a wad of paper and that never seemed enough.

So what happened to find myself in the position I am now in?

Well, I could easily claim that it was a stroke of genius on my part, but the fact is that it was sheer luck ….

I met somebody who was making millions of pounds per year…

I must say that the day my life changed for the better was when I got to attend a private get together of business minded people, hosted by a wealthy individual.

It was this ‘meeting’ that finally changed my life for good, I was soon going to discover how to make great money  and importantly all about Multiple Income Streams.

 The get-together and everything that followed was quite breathtaking and it was only after the meeting ended that I realized that I had finally found what I was looking for. I owe everything to the wealthy guy who not only had access to all the luxuries in life, but also had something even more important  – He had freedom and enough time and freedom to enjoy life…

He was going to teach me everything he knew.............

During the get-together, this great individual was  giving a lecture on how to make easy-money. He was so inspiring ..  His words hit me…. I decided to have a good one-to-one talk with this man.

So after all the guests had left, we talked for quite some time … He was so inspiring but I can remember thinking to myself , could this really be for real? It’s obvious that I was not fully convinced, something that forced this guy to challenge me.

I don’t remember his exact words, but he said something like , ’’Would you start believing in this if you allowed me to be your mentor for the next 6 months?’’ Now… Beam me up Scotty… Have I heard this right? We had seemed to have a little in common that this great guy had once lived close to where I live but I was now being offered a chance to be mentored by this millionaire.…  Can you imagine how I felt…. This great man was going to have me as his apprentice and teach me everything.

This man said everything with so much confidence and conviction that slowly I started believing in everything he had told me.

He was right! Money started to come into my account and I was soon learning all the extra ways to have multiple streams of income.

I know how desperate I had become so I made a promise that day that I would give back to others what I had discovered …….

For me, It is the best business in the world – bar none !!

    I have just come back from the Entrepeneurs Bootcamp at Wembley, London.

Wow! The fabulous money that this business generates. I am going to show how YOU can make ……..

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I Am In A Business That Sells

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You will have Full Support  and will copy everything I do.

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You can lead an extremely comfortable life with a simple information product business ...

Most of all , you are going to have access to me and my Wealth Creating Products and Seminars.

Believe me…I am going to rock you…..

My opportunity is dynamite !

Where Would You Really Like To Live?

                      What Car Do You Really Want To Drive?

You can plan that luxury holiday, think about where you'd really like to live, and which car you'd really like to drive?


poolAt the very least, you'll be able to start paying off your debts... before you start planning how you're going to enjoy your new financial freedom and happiness...

 It Amazes Me That You Can Make So Much Money
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I Am Going To Give You 3 Fabulous CDs , ALSO A 114 PAGE BOOK, Also a DVD ( all sent in a parcel 1st Class ).......




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The purpose of the event was to help as many people as possible start or grow a high-income information marketing business from their home with no previous experience and very little start up capital

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Every detail, format, method and secret that I've used successfully to create automated online income streams are now contained within the brand new fully illustrated 2007 study course

: The Easy Way To Make
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You'll make money everyday with the system which will enable you to pay yourself the kind of money to buy the things you really want.
For instance, from the secrets I'll be sharing with you, I'll show you how you can earn enough money to buy your dream car within a couple of months.

NO more early morning starts ... NO boss to answer to ... NO more working hard for little reward ... NO more stress ... NO more worries - Ever! 

I love to spend time with my wife and family. This system can make it possible to rise whenever you want - usually when the children awake! - then take a leisurely breakfast, walk the children to school and when you return home  switch on the computer and discover how much has been earned online through the night - usually £200.00+. The rest of the day you can do as you please.

I'll show you exactly how you can live this idyllic lifestyle yourself by revealing exactly how to make money online - everyday!

"Many thanks for the excellent study course, it is one of the best business courses I have ever seen and must be one of the clearest and easiest to follow - very well done! I have read many business manuals over many years so praise does not come easy"

Mr T. Gauden
Essex - UK

" I have read your study course fully now and implemented it .Of the 4 courses we purchased yours is the best because of the step-by-step illustrations of how to do everything."

G. Chapman
London - UK

I'll also show you how to 
set up hundreds of automated income
streams such as:
  • Adsense Sites
  • Directories
  • Niche Sites
  • Affiliate Sites
  • Dropshipping Sites
  • Clickbank ' niche ' Sites

I'll reveal full easy-to-follow details of how I set up each of my income streams so that you can set up your own straight away.

You'll Also Learn:

  • How to find niche subjects that bring in small but regular

    How to quickly build up a lucrative portfolio of small websites
                and income streams that'll earn you constant money every
               day for years to come

    Details of where you can get websites built from as little as

    How to make money promoting products that you make a
               50% - 60% commission on

    How to quickly build huge email lists that you can then sell
               products too

    The top affiliate products to promote

             ... Plus loads more secret online insider information
            that the big name gurus don't tell you

I want to show you exactly how to make thousands of pounds from the selling of  e books, manuals, cds,  videos and now the absolute must have – dvd

How would you like that kind of money to spend on yourself and your family?  What would you buy? …

 ‘‘ Very informative, project pending, helpful and excellent potential,’’             Tony

‘‘ I love your Adphone … It is great ! ’’           Pamela  

Listen, this is possible… you simply need to follow a proven plan and apply the information … I have several websites uploaded to the Internet , each taking money and automatically adding funds to my account. It is a great feeling seeing payments being received in my inbox and great to know that most websites are totally automated. I want to show you exactly how you can steal this information and make as much money as you like .. often without lifting a finger.

  It has never been easier for the average person to make a regular income from the internet.
Online marketing has become the Number One opportunity for anyone to become truly wealthy and achieve financial independence.
'’ Fantastic Info!! Great Eyeopener, What more can I say, Thankyou’’
              Anne, Edmonton , London

How to have your website listed at the top of the first few pages of Google


You will learn about organic search engines and Pay Per Click


How to determine the best keywords and best ‘keyword phrases’

‘’Thankyou so much for this information, truly excellent ,    thank you’’
                   Sarah, Derby

Domain names and how to use ‘squeeze pages’ and opt-in to build your customer list

Everything you need to know about shopping carts and taking online payments

How to use ‘blogs’ and what they can do for you

How to promote your site and find targeted traffic

How Google Adsense creates extra revenue streams

‘‘ Very informative, project pending, helpful and excellent   potential,’’
                    Tony, Leeds

Bonus 1-


                                             … from home 

Adphone is a local directory, printed in full colour which helps to promote local business.                         

Only one Joiner, one builder, one plumber etc can advertise in each directory. It is designed to be kept handy by the telephone.

  • Make Money from referrals into the 'Adphone'
  • Profit from my Web Marketing Business
  • No pc skills are required
  • Copy of Adphone will be sent to you
  • Exciting 'Adphone' opportunity

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